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FOX News
Jul 25, 2010 7:00pm EDT
games. despite angry protests from the north, a look at the operation from the deck of the u.s.s. george washington and the threat of allout war from the other side. >> day 97 of the gulf oil disaster. and bp crews back at work, trying to plug the leak for good. how soon will those crucial release walls be finished? also tonight, 100 days and counting, until the mid term elections. so, how will democrats and republicans fare come november? november? >> plus, from bears attacking the family mini-van to strange animal sightings. we'll tell you what's behind the sudden spike in human animal close encounters of the wrong kind. but first we begin with breaking news tonight, the national security advisor tonight condemning the reported release of thousands of pages of u.s. internal security documents. reports out tonight that the whistleblower website, weeky leaks is making public thousands of pages of internal u.s. security reports on the war in afghanistan. weeky leaks is not an objective news outlet, but rather an organization that opposes u.s. policy in afghanistan. national security advis
FOX News
Jul 24, 2010 7:00pm EDT
under way between the u.s. and south korea. rising tensions on the korean peninsula tonight. >> plus,. >> then i realized what happens in vegas will be webcast, will be tweeted by 2,000 of you but i'm grateful to the chance to talk to you. >> what is happening in vegas? the politics in november with hundred days to the election. >> and a death-defying escape for a fighter pilot, went that a ball of flames and his survival story and amazing video and pictures straight ahead. >> but we begin with breaking news now. we are keeping a close eye on a situation in iowa. sweax are underway right now after a dam failed that is being called catastrophic. 300 foot section of the dam opened up sending a cascade of water downstream. at least half of the 700 residents of home were evacuated. flooding is also expected in the neighboring communities. officials don't know if the entire dam will give way but all residents in low-lying areas have been ordered to leave their homes immediately. the dam sits on the mccrocada river and we'll keep you posted of developments. >> day 96 the national disaster
FOX News
Jul 17, 2010 7:00pm EDT
] >> juliet: tonight a deadly fight over the u.s. border make u.s. changing the way they fight the drug war. >> what does it mean? >> 160 miles an hour, my best time. >> its sport dominated by men. now nascar is looking for more women. laura ingle has got what it takes to keep up with the pros. >> juliet: the government is setting a critical deadline for the disaster in the gulf. evaluation of a new cap containing the oil leak will continue outlaw tomorrow. it's not clear what will happen next. the latest decision takes it beyond the 48 trial period that bp capped the oil well. a live look on the gulf floor. we've seen this picture nearly 52 hours, they are saying, quote there is no evidence of ruptures of the pipes or the ocean floor. hundreds of miles away in houston, they are monitoring the data coming in. perhaps the most important piece the pressure on the containment cap. ideal reading is 7500 pounds per square inch or psi. thad allen is saying that number would make no potential for any leaks. right now the psi is in the vicinity of 6745 and climbing. higher the pressure the greater
FOX News
Jul 3, 2010 7:00pm EDT
biden in iraq. a show of support for u.s. troops this holiday weekend, but is there another mission at hand? we're live in baghdad. >> plus, feeling the heat. the head of the republican national committee under increasing pressure from within his own party to step down. all over his recent comments about the war in afghanistan. >> so what is next for michael steele? can he survive another scandal? >> new developments on day 75 of the national skavt in the gulf. tonight, growing fears the oil spill is now moving farther east. so, we'll show you where it's headed now and is there any hope of it slowing down. >>> first off, joe biden in iraq for independence day weekend. unannounced visit to baghdad perhaps a duel mission. the vp and his wife are celebrating 4th of july with troops. but it's also a sign that they are stepping up support for the emergency democracy. the newly elected parliament is expected to meet for the second time since the march 7th vote but even so some analysts political gridlock could be set. tens of thousands of troops are set to leave in august. partial withdra
FOX News
Jul 4, 2010 3:00am EDT
agile and be able to anticipate war you have to go to school. >> a former u.s. senator and general petraeus involved in a dramatic encounter. one of their lives hangs in the >>> usa! usa! >> 1991. america honored veterans of the first gulf war with parades and a heros' welcome. jody foster and anthony hopkins terrified movie twoers in silence after lambs and the new york giants took home the prize at super bowl xxv. then 39-year-old lieutenant colonel dave petraeus was stationed at fort campbell, kentucky. he was in command of the 101st airborne division infantry regimen. while observing a live fire training exercise, disaster struck. >> one of the other soldiers, about 40-yards away had tripped and fallen and his m-16 shot petraeus. the bull let itself from the m-16 had gone all the way through the chest. he immediately, of course, went down. >> 60 miles away, a top surgeon was on call but enjoying his afternoon with his family. his name, dr. fill frist. >> september 21, it was a beautiful day. i was out watching my son play soccer with my wife karen and then i got a phone call to
FOX News
Jul 4, 2010 7:00pm EDT
petraeus the man who wrote the book on counterinsurgency operation is officially taking charge of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. tonight the big challenges lie ahead for the new leader of america's longest war and what he had to say about general mcchrystal and why he says failure is not an option. >> this is a contest of will with enemies doing what they can to undermine the confidence of the afghanistan people. >> plus, from the capitol to the white house, from city to towns across the country, america is coming together to mark the birthday of this nation and honor our men and women in uniform, like in washington, dc for the festivities. and a friendship like no other: the story of a great dane and the goat that never leaves its side. >> we can see birds and cats that bond but a goat and a dog is our first. >> we start with the fox urgent from iraq, the u.s. embassy in baghdad under attack today and it happened during vice president's biden surprise visit to the country for independence day weekend. an official says three mortars hit the embassy compound which is located insi
FOX News
Jul 10, 2010 7:00pm EDT
bandit. they believe the american teenager fled the u.s. in a stolen plane and crash landed in the bahamas. he took off on foot. >> now police believe he is on the move again and this time he may have stolen a boat. >> and talk about taking riofx. is this on your weekend list of activities? we'll go running with the bulls in pamplona, spain, but remember these guys? two buddies that couldn't stand from being apart. an update on the goats. >> juliet: up to august, that is how long it could be before the oil is contained, according to bp. they are working a mile below the surface fit ago loose lid cap and replace witness a tighter one. that could take up to a week. rule right now oil spews into the gulf. thad april allen is stressing to contain the gusher and not stop it. best idea of containment is weeks away. previous solutions for addressing the leak have been dangled before our eyes only to fall well short of expeculiar tiagsz. this situation will get worse before it gets better. jonathan is live on grand isle with more. >> reporter: bp says 400 skimmers are stationed arou
FOX News
Jul 11, 2010 7:00pm EDT
policy should be. >> juliet: the us attorney general signaling the u.s. may consider a second lawsuit against the state if it sees evidence of racial profiling at work. ahead, more on the tug-of-war between arizona and the federal government. and how it could impact controversial law now less than three weeks of taking effect. plus, a wanted international fugitive in custody. >> today, as you are aware, to successfully placed in custo custody, the barefoot bandit. >> juliet: the elusive barefoot bandit busted, the young man wanted in several robberies here in the state, including a plane. tonight, details on the dramatic chase that led to the teen's capture and what investigators say he was carrying when police found him in the bahamas. ♪ >> so, as we reported the long search for the barefoot bandit is over. after two years on the run, police say the infamous teen fugitive is finally behind bars and we're told it ended with a high speed chase in the waters off the bahamas. 19-year-old colton harris moore arriving in nassau today, hand can you evercuffed barefoot. stealing cars, boa
FOX News
Jul 31, 2010 7:00pm EDT
of wrongdoing inside the ranks of the u.s. military. we're live with the details. >> also tonight.... >> we lies this we have no power. >> homeowners not giving up hope as crews in california struggle to gain the upper hand on dangerous wildfires. dozens of homes already destroyed, thousands more threatened. a live report from the front line ahead. >> plus, a major delay in protecting our border. why it could take national guard troops an additional months to shore up border security. also, a shock warning along one of the most busiest beaches in the nation and getting married. a democratic royal wedding straight ahead. >> right now we under chelsea clinton and marc mezvinsky are in the wedding vows as we speak. they are tying the knot in upstate new york. details of the wedding is harder to come by than national security briefings but 400 people were invited. including plenty from entertainment and politics, going down in rhinebeck, new york, hundred miles north of new york city. that tiny community suddenly thrust in the gobble spotlight. believe golg maps is about as close as we can get to th
FOX News
Jul 18, 2010 3:00am EDT
holloway. steve dunleavy was the first u.s. reporter to go into peru's prison, a place known as hell on earth. >> behind me is a prison gouged out of the windy gray hills that stand outside of lima, peru. the international community of human rights describes this as the worst prison in the world. and any prisoner going inside without his own money to buy food and medication, their fate is sealed. he will rot to death. >> i am where nightmares are eternal. daunte's inferno is real. i take you into the belly of the beast. a oned hope, all he who enter here. i will be the first reporter from the united states to document on hidden camera the horror of the prison. >> the guards don't worry here. they'll shoot, shoot to kill. you're dead. you're dead. there is no morales and no ethical code to go by. it's dog eat dog. the fittest survive. >> his name is john robbins. he walks in the prison three times per week. he's an irish missionary in a place where a cup of fresh water is a reason for murder. his god is a watchful god. >> it's like one... fate made, everything just gets water,
FOX News
Jul 18, 2010 7:00pm EDT
news week that the u.s. needs to rethink afghanistan that we're not winning and it's not worth it and often suggesting a seve severe-- writes after nearly nine years of war increased u.s. involvement in afghanistan isn't likely to yield improvements that would be commensurate in any way in american blood and treasure. it's time to scale down our ambitions there and both reduce and redirect what we do. >> it's a direct conflict, going to take a long time, sometimes hard for the americans to swallow. the notion that we can afford effectively to pull out and causes risks and dangers for the united states down the road that are just almost impossible to quantitied phi. >> that message sounds like what secretary clinton will be talking about in kabul when she meets about the afghan fight. >> caroline shively in washington, thank you. . >> the white house making sure the message is clear. democrats will maintain their majorities in both chambers of congress in the mid term elections and vice-president joe biden speaking in no uncertain terms during one sunday morning talk show, liste
FOX News
Jul 11, 2010 3:00am EDT
enough to practically pay off the entire u.s. national debt himself. >> glenn: right. so there is nobody that has the kind of wealth that these guys had. >> carnegie was close. the need thing about carnegie is early, early in life when he had no hope of getting this kind of wealth, he says my goal in life is to give away $300 million. this is in 1800s when a dollar was a dollar. $300 million. he gives away $400 million. >> rockefeller gave away $500 million. >> they give away astounding amount of money. >> a lot of it is systemic work to solve scientific problems, boll weevil problems in the south. he gave away to help black universities and colleges. we only had one black college before the civil war and over 100 by the 1920s and '30s and rock feller is a benefit. >> glenn: give me the worst thing about him that's true. >> worst thing about rockefeller he tried to control the market. and he darn near succeeded. he achieved 70% concentration, and yet he never got what we call monopoly pricing. the price of oil and kerosene kept falling, the more he controlled the further down the price w
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